Write on Me

Spare me from the curse of eternal emptiness, a lifeless thing lying along the dusty shelves. Pick me up and wipe the dust off me. Then you will see my name embossed on my jacket: Write on Me.

Bring me home and lay me down on your desk, on your bed, or on your lap. Let me feel your fingers trace my spine and touch my every page. Let me feel your quill dance on my delicate body. Let it leave its trail of ink on my lips, my cheeks, my hips, and my bosom. Leave a stain on every part of me.

Flip and fill the pages some more and when you reach my heart, fill it with words of love and promises. Saturate every page of mine with all your emotions, with longing and grief, with love and joy, with hope and brokenness. Let my every page be filled with the words that reverberate the songs of your heart, and echo the stories of your soul.

And when you’re finished telling your stories, seal me with a copyright ©. It will be our wedding ring, a sign that I am married to your ideals, I bear your name, and I am eternally yours.

It will be a sign that every emotion and every word I keep inside of me belong to you. And no one can take me away from you and make me as their own. It would mean that…

I was once the broken soul whose lifeless pages you painted with your words.

That I am your story, and your words are my identity.

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